Top of the world

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt It's been a long road for Angelique Kerber. Longer than three fiercely contested sets against the world No. 1. Longer than those past two weeks of top class tennis, including a saved match point in her first round match against … Continue reading Top of the world


A marathon to Rio

It is exactly the right decision at the right time, although the reasoning behind it is a bit questionable. The DOSB (Germany's NOC) has decided, upon a request by the German Athletics Federation, to adjust the qualification standards for 17 athletics events in favour of the athletes. This brings all of them in line with … Continue reading A marathon to Rio


Es brodelt im deutschen Sport. Am vergangenen Wochenende erschien in der Welt am Sonntag ein Interview mit Christina Schwanitz, Frank Stäbler und Marco Koch, die sich gleich über ein buntes Sammelsurium von Problemen, mit denen der Spitzensport und noch viel mehr die Sportlerinnen und Sportler selbst in Deutschland zu kämpfen haben, den Frust von der … Continue reading Rundumschlag

Let the Games begin…

OK, I've got everything set up: I'm wearing my 'London-2012'-shirt, the flag with five rings is positioned on my desk, I went through all (or rather: most...) of my pictures from past Games, and above all, my mind is full of memories, ideas, thoughts and opinions about this 'illusion that we love' called the Olympics, and about … Continue reading Let the Games begin…