Russian Domino

Do you know Yuliya Efimova? No? Well, don’t worry! I wasn’t so sure either who she was when her name appeared in the news today. But then I read a quote from an interview with her and suddenly I remembered. It was during the World Aquatics Championships in Kazan last year. Efimova had just served an 16 month doping ban after testing positive for an anabolic steroid. And this is what she had to say about that ‘unfortunate incident’:

If you have a driver’s licence you might get caught speeding one day. And then you’ll pay the fine. It’s just like that.

There was a huge controversy about Efimova’s start in Kazan, with several athletes voicing doubts concerning her impressive performances upon her return, the end of which coincided almost exactly with the World Championships in her home country. And that quote did not exactly improve her standing amongst her colleagues.

Well, guess what happened now! Exactly, she got caught again.
And can you guess the substance as well?
Of course, it’s Meldonium, which the manufacturer already wanted to rename into Sharapovium… Efimova, by the way a five time world champion, is now the 100th athlete, most of them Russian, to have tested positive for Meldonium, this year! As a well deserved reward, she now faces a possible lifetime ban for her second anti-doping violation.
And the Russian Olympic team just keeps falling apart, piece by piece. Russian Domino…


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