Russian Athletics banned from Rio 2016

As someone who loves sport in all its forms and varieties, someone who firmly believes in Olympism and the Olympic ideals, and that sport has the potential of bringing together people of all nations, creeds, cultural and social backgrounds, and contributing to building a more peaceful and better world, someone who sees the urgent need … Continue reading Russian Athletics banned from Rio 2016


This is not soccer

When Rugby referee Nigel Owens had to deal with a player who began complaining about his decisions a little bit too much (and in an un-Rugby-like manner), he immediately set things straight: I don't think we've met before, but I'm the referee on this field, not you. Do your job and I'll do mine. This … Continue reading This is not soccer

Olympic Newsweek III – Tempora mutantur

The Olympic Family is growing. I already told you about the new members of the IOC and of course the Refugee Team, with the latter bringing the number of NOCs/Teams participating in Rio to an unprecedented 207. Kosovo and South Sudan will make their debut this year. But there will be new sports on the … Continue reading Olympic Newsweek III – Tempora mutantur

Olympic Newsweek II – Light in the darkness

The Refugee Olympic Team for the Rio 2016 Games is taking shape, as ten athletes have been nominated by the International Olympic Committee. Ten young men and women from four different countries, each of them with a totally different background, including diverse circumstances that forced them to flee their homes. All ten of them talented … Continue reading Olympic Newsweek II – Light in the darkness

Olympic Newsweek I – The Neverending Story

What a week this has been for the Olympic Movement! And I don't know really where to begin. There are always some topics I'd really like to write about, stories I'd love to share with you. This time there are four of them. Four stories, in one way or the other close to my heart … Continue reading Olympic Newsweek I – The Neverending Story