Noite brasileira

All of the Olympic afternoons, evenings and nights so far have been quite exciting and enjoyable. But I have to admit that last Monday was a little more special…

I watched the action from Rio, mainly the eventing – cross country, diving and later gymnastics, together with a very dear friend in Bremen. And for that occasion, we prepared our very own Brazilian/Hanseatic dinner.


The Brazilian half mainly consisted of Pão de queijo, made with Tapioca flour and two sorts of cheese, and of course, Brazil’s national drink, the Caipirinha. Our Bolo de rolo however, was a Brazil-Hamburg-cross over version, as my friend had the idea to add some cinnamon and use nuts instead of the traditional Goiabada (which appears to be even more difficult to find in Germany than Tapioca…) for the filling. In the end, they looked and tasted quite like Franzbrötchen, which is our favourite pastry from Hamburg anyway. And it tasted absolutely great!

But the most beautiful thing about this evening was neither the food nor the Olympic events themselves, but the knowledge that there is somebody with whom I can share such (Olympic) experiences, talk about everything surrounding the Games (and about many many other things…), and just spend such wonderful evenings. And this is but one of the reasons why I’m really happy to have her in my life.


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