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Of course, my blog is all about the sports and the athletes and the different events that I like to watch or attend, and not so much about me. But just in case some of you want to know who’s behind all of this, well, here you go:

My name is Kai Kröger. I’m 36 years old, originally from Hamburg, up in the North of Germany, now living a bit further south in Münster (‘City of the Peace of Westphalia‘, if you’re interested in European History…), aaand I’m not really interested in Soccer. The latter is a bit atypical for a German and has absolutely nothing to do with the recent performances of my hometown’s Bundesliga side. But my interests lie with sports in general, in all its beautiful shapes and sizes, sights and sounds, and especially the so so many beautiful and essentially human stories behind it all. It’s the variety that draws me  towards the Olympic Games, the Paralympics and other Multi-Sports Events, in an irresistible way.

I have tried a few sports myself over the years (Field Hockey, Fencing, Sailing, Judo, Horse Riding, etc.), but didn’t really stay with one of them for long (which, at least in some cases, is something I deeply regret…). One exception were those remarkable ten years wearing the zebra stripes and throwing around yellow pieces of cloth while officiating a game played with a prolate spheroid ball… (Can you guess the sport…? 😉 )

My professional life (yes, I do have a life besides following the Olympics and sports in general…) also has had some degree of variety over the last years. I’m a trained lawyer, which in Germany means: I have studied law, passed both state exams and got admitted to the bar in 2008, specialising in criminal law. But (again) for a variety of reasons, I chose a slightly different path a few years later. I’m currently studying protestant theology in my second hometown of Münster, with the aim of becoming a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany. All of this is a bit too complicated to explain right here in just a few words. It would be adequate material for an own blog. Maybe I’ll do that some day…

Oh, and I should also mention that, a couple of years ago, I actually had the exceptional honour of chairing a ‘session of the International Olympic Committee’, which included the election of a host city for the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad, but that may be something I should tell you more about in a future article, as well…

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading my articles. And, of course, feel free to leave a like or a comment.

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