Vamos a la playa!

Ladies and Gentlemen, get your "Klatschpappen" ready! A look back at three (mostly) sunny days of the smart beach tour in Münster...


Don’t look back in anger (II)

German sports awards and Icelandic Vikings...

Memories of the XXXI Olympiad (II)

Jeffrey Julmis (HAI) - Athletics Not every athlete acting like Usain Bolt before the start gets to perform on the track like Usain Bolt. Jeffrey Julmis of Haiti had to learn this the hard way during the semifinal of the 110m hurdles. Julmis posed and winked at the camera...only to trip at the very first … Continue reading Memories of the XXXI Olympiad (II)

Memories of the XXXI Olympiad (I)

Each edition of the Olympic Games is connected to names, faces, usually of outstanding athletes with remarkable accomplishments. It's just the same this time, and who would argue that these were also the Games of Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, Katinka Hosszu, Usain Bolt, Simone Biles, Neymar and many other heroes of the front pages of … Continue reading Memories of the XXXI Olympiad (I)

A Human Right

Associated Press today reported about an incident at the volleyball arena, where an Iranian spectator was allegedly asked to leave the stadium for displaying a sign and wearing a t-shirt with a 'political statement'. OK, I thought at first, those are the rules... Until I found out what the statement was... The shirt read 'Let … Continue reading A Human Right

Half-time whistle

We have seen eight competition days at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games so far, so it's half-time. Time to settle down for a moment amid all the excitement, tension, drama, and ongoing discussions. Here are my thoughts and opinions on some issues that have accompanied us during this first week, and which might accompany us … Continue reading Half-time whistle