Welcome to The Beautiful Games / Impressum

One of the toughest questions you could ask me is: What is your favourite sport? Well, I might come up with Equestrian sports, Biathlon, Rugby, Judo, American Football… But actually, I love (almost) all sports, Olympic and non-Olympic. I love the variety of sports, the different challenges, the many variable skills necessary to practice them. And I love the artistic beauty that lies in all of them.

In my native country, Germany, there is only one sport which dominates all the media and the public interest. At work, usually the only (sports-related) topics are whether anybody could still stop Bayern, whether you support Borussia Dortmund and hate Schalke or vice versa, and whether Bundesliga’s ‘dinosaur’, Hamburger SV, will avoid relegation again this year…

And so, to contradict that, this blog will not focus on one specific sport but feature all of those which nowadays have to be considered as “Randsportarten” (‘fringe sports’) in Germany. And “Randsportarten” means all of them, except Association Football…

I want to share with you my opinions and views on current events and developments, memories from once upon a time, stories you’ve never heard before, and which you probably might not be able to forget so soon. The stories which only sport can write, and which it does write every day, somewhere in the world, from the biggest arenas to the smallest backyards.



Mein Blog, der sowohl in deutscher als auch in englischer Sprache verfasste Artikel enthält, ist eine rein private Unternehmung, mit der ich keinerlei kommerzielle Interessen verfolge. Ich erkläre hiermit einen weitestmöglichen Haftungsausschluss für mich im Rahmen der jeweils geltenden gesetzlichen Bestimmungen. Insbesondere übernehme ich keine Verantwortung für die Inhalte verlinkter Seiten, die zu einer anderen Domain als “thebeautifulgamesblog.wordpress.com” gehören. Externe Links sind jeweils eindeutig als solche gekennzeichnet. Die Verwendung derselben erfolgt für den Nutzer auf eigene Gefahr.

Die Texte, Bilder und andere Inhalte auf dieser Seite sind, soweit nicht anderweitig kenntlich gemacht, meine eigenen. Jede Verwendung außerhalb eines privaten Rahmens bedarf daher meiner vorherigen Zustimmung. Bitte kontaktiert mich daher, sofern Ihr diese für andere Zwecke verwenden möchtet.

This blog, which includes articles in German as well as in English, is an entirely private project, with no commercial aims included. I hereby declare an exemption from any liability, as far as possible under the current legal obligations. Specifically, I do not assume liability for the content of any external pages to which any links in this blog might lead to and which do not belong to the domain “thebeautifulgamesblog.wordpress.com”. External links are clearly marked as such. Using them is at your own risk.

All texts, pictures and other content on my page are, unless otherwise marked, my own. Any use, exceeding a mere private use, requires my prior expressive consent. Please contact me in advance, should you be interested in using them for any other purpose.


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