Sound of Silence

As the last K-Pop-Songs fade away, all that remains are the memories of 16 historical and emotional Olympic days. Here are my memories of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games, PyeongChang 2018.



My opinion on the CAS decision in re Russia Doping scandal and why I'm still looking forward to Pyeongchang 2018...

A giant leap for the IOC, small steps for mankind

The Olympic Games, the IOC and the Olympic Movement in general are in the early phases of a process of dramatic change. They just haven't fully realized it yet... But this time, at least the direction is clear and absolutely right!

Viszontlátásra Budapest!

Once again, we thought it couldn't get any worse. Again, we were wrong. And I'm not talking about Doping this time... It's the 2024 Olympic host city election process and with it both the IOC and the Movement in general who have received another major blow.

…and nothing but the truth

The director general of Russia's National Anti Doping Agency today reacted on the recent revelations in the second part of the McLaren-Report. That doesn't really sound like big news, and in the end it isn't, but the statement Anna Antseliovich made was indeed quite interesting and, in a way, telling.

More of the same, only worse…

It's been a while since my last article on this blog. I've been busy with a few other things. But let me assure you that it's not because nothing has happened in the world of sport in the meantime. Quite on the contrary... So I will take my time to catch up and talk to you … Continue reading More of the same, only worse…