A dream of spring

Seasons are changing and so the pre-Olympic winter of 2016/17 has come to a close. Time to take a look ahead...


Memories of the XXXI Olympiad (II)

Jeffrey Julmis (HAI) - Athletics Not every athlete acting like Usain Bolt before the start gets to perform on the track like Usain Bolt. Jeffrey Julmis of Haiti had to learn this the hard way during the semifinal of the 110m hurdles. Julmis posed and winked at the camera...only to trip at the very first … Continue reading Memories of the XXXI Olympiad (II)

Memories of the XXXI Olympiad (I)

Each edition of the Olympic Games is connected to names, faces, usually of outstanding athletes with remarkable accomplishments. It's just the same this time, and who would argue that these were also the Games of Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, Katinka Hosszu, Usain Bolt, Simone Biles, Neymar and many other heroes of the front pages of … Continue reading Memories of the XXXI Olympiad (I)

A marathon to Rio

It is exactly the right decision at the right time, although the reasoning behind it is a bit questionable. The DOSB (Germany's NOC) has decided, upon a request by the German Athletics Federation, to adjust the qualification standards for 17 athletics events in favour of the athletes. This brings all of them in line with … Continue reading A marathon to Rio